New stuff is here and more ThorpyFx pedals are coming August 08, 2017 13:14

So, it's been a while since i filled out a blog post. In that time we have become stockists of the incredible Barefoot Buttons and as of today we are also stockists of the Legendary MC6 Midi controller too. It's an astonishing piece of engineering with an almost unlimited ability to tweak settings to match your device. Go here to purchase one!

A Busy summer has yielded an Awesome collaboration November 06, 2016 19:27

So we’ve seemingly been a bit quiet over the summer, however perception is often different to reality….. So here’s the good news:
Over the summer ThorpyFx teamed up with a bonafide legend of the Guitar Effects industry, the effects genius that is Dan Coggins. Dan has had an illustrious career as the original designer behind Lovetone Pedals and Dinosaural effects. All of his creations have been found on the boards of professional musicians the world over. As these effects have long since become collector’s items, we decided to team up and start afresh.
The effects that we have collaborated on are supremely powerful versions of modulation, wacky octave based fuzz, ring modulation and much more besides…. The aim of these designs is to provide the ultimate analog experience that will allow musicians to tune the effect to their varied tastes. This will slowly be released over the coming years as we seek to stamp our collective sonic footprint on the guitar market...
And more good news:

The Chain Home is available for Preorder!!!
And one more thing…….
So is the Veteran!!!!

Head to the products page to find out about these effects.

CHAIN HOME is coming..... October 12, 2016 12:23

So we've been very busy over the summer months and consequently we have slew of new effects to release over the next 6 months. The first of these is going to be the CHAIN HOME. More details will follow but it is essentially part of our vintage reimagined series, most will be very limited edition, some will be more regular but all will sound incredible!

So keep an eye out here for more news, preordered will be going up soon and we aim to ship them before christmas.

P.S. We have some monumental news about a load of modulation effects we have in the works. It will blow your mind trust me. :)


MUFFROOMS are almost gone....However..... May 12, 2016 22:49

So the Muffroom is almost out of production, most of the last batch have been snapped up by dealers and when they are gone that is it! but its not all bad news.... its being replaced with a sonically identical visually similar pedal called (drum roll....) The FALLOUT CLOUD!!! so when the Muffroom is gone for good you'll still be able to buy the most massive sonic mayhem of a fuzz pedal around....

New Dealership!! Manson Guitar Shop March 04, 2016 10:45

We proud to announce that we have a new UK dealership. Mansons Guitar Shop in Exeter are renowned for selling the highest quality guitars, amps and effects and we are proud to be associated with them head to this link for the full ThorpyFx range of pedals.:


New Dealership in the North of the UK- Sound Affects Premier February 12, 2016 10:40

Conscious we were neglected the North of the UK, our products are now being Stocked by Sound Affects Premier In Ormskirk. Purveyors of some of the most beautiful Guitars Amps and Effects you are ever likely to see!! if you are in the area, check them out!!



Well, here they both are the videos for the Peacekeeper and Warthog. head to the Videos page and scroll to the bottom of the page for new tonal goodness.



Well, here they both are the videos for the Peacekeeper and Warthog. head to the Videos page and scroll to the bottom of the page for new tonal goodness.



New to Thorpyfx and available to purchase on preorder, the Warthog and the Peacekeeper will ship at the end of Feb 2016. Poles apart tonally, the WARTHOG is a distortion pedal that sounds great for heavier Blues and hard rock. The Peacekeeper is a low gain overdrive to give you your sound but more. incredibly versatile, the peacekeeper will satisfy even the most demanding tonehounds!

Surging Towards Christmas 2015 December 01, 2015 19:14

Well, we've been extremely busy here in Thorpy HQ. hundreds of pedals have headed out the door to their happy owners. On top of this we are happy to announce we have new dealers in Sweden, Canada and the UK, they are "These go to 11", Guitar Effects Canada and The GIGRIG in the UK.

LOADS of new Videos added..... October 12, 2015 21:30

Well lots of very cool stuff has been happening at thorpe HQ, we've had a lot of new reviews, loads of new videos for your enjoyment........A new dealer in Andertons UK


We've sold out of both pedals twice over...and have been busy replenishing stock to ensure we can deliver. People are really digging what we are offering and its great to see! check out the reviews page and videos page for more info.

First Review of the MUFFROOM CLOUD---- Another amazing review of the GUNSHOT August 29, 2015 19:26

We've just received an amazing review of the MUFFROOM CLOUD Fuzz from Guitar and Bass Magazine in the UK go to this link to read it and hear the pedal in all its glory. After the tremendous demo from Andy at Proguitarshop the GUNSHOT has received the following stunning review from Tone Report magazine, click here to read it......

On top of this, Guitarist Magazine in the UK have written a two page spread on us in issue 398, please feel free to grab one at your local newsagents!!


Andy of Proguitarshop has reviewed the GUNSHOT.... July 27, 2015 21:56

Andy of Proguitarshop fame and Tone Report has done a CRACKING video of the GUNSHOT overdrive.... if you are half as pleased with this as we are....you'll be extremely pleased.

head to the videos section or here: https://youtu.be/tGeDiNbRHtw

Guitar & Bass Review 9/10 Choice award June 26, 2015 09:43

So we just had our first UK review of the GUNSHOT completed and its a lovely write up, please feel free to check it out at:


The MUFFROOM CLOUD IS BORN!! June 15, 2015 20:12

The MUFFROOM CLOUD FUZZ (now renamed FALLOUT CLOUD) is finalised and sounds incredible, head to head with the best of the MUFF world it has beaten them hands down. Several prototypes are out in the world already. The limited production run are available to pre-order in the Products page...... The Best Fuzz you will ever hear!

The GUNSHOT Reviewed!! May 22, 2015 15:21

Just a quick message to send you to our videos tab as the GUNSHOT has received some great praise from Dan and Mick from That Pedal Show!! it sounds INCREDIBLE!!


Demonstration Video May 01, 2015 16:38

Hi, just added a GUNSHOT demo video in the videos tab. Please let me know what you think!! Enjoy.

LAUNCH PRICE!! April 10, 2015 21:00

For a short period only, the GUNSHOT overdrive will be priced at its launch price of £184.99...... thereafter it will be increased to the RRP of £199.99. get them while they are hot.

Welcome!!! April 09, 2015 14:52

Welcome to ThorpyFx!! here you will be able to buy the best Guitar effects you have ever heard. Starting with the GUNSHOT overdrive, Thorpy aims to release many tantalising pedals for discerning guitarists over the coming years.... Enjoy!!