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      We have been overwhelmed by the response of people using our pedals, it is especially heartwarming to know that professional players are crafting their sounds using our pedals too, these include:

      -       Ed O’Brien (Radiohead)

      -       Graham Coxon (Blur)

      -       J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr)

      -       Oli Brown (Raveneye)

      -       Ariel Posen (Bros Landreth)

      -       Joey Landreth (Bros Landreth)

      -       John Shanks (Grammy Award Winning Producer)

      -       Matt White (Temperance Movement)

      -       Dave Gregory (XTC)

      -       Chris Robertson (Black Stone Cherry)

      -       Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake, UFO, The Snakes)

      -       Bootsy Collins (Parliament Funkadelic)

      -       Josh Smith (Solo Artist, Joshua and the Bandits)

      -       Dan Rothman (London Grammar)

      -       Pete Honoré (Youtube legend, Session player to Tom Jones, Westlife)

      -       Chris Buck (Buck and Evans)

      -       Mikey Demus (Skindred)

      -       Tim Mills (Riders to Ruin, Bare Knuckle Pickups)

      -       Krissy Matthews (Solo Artist and Hamburg Blues Band)

      -       Aynsley Lister (Solo Artist)

      -       David Domminney Fowler (Aussie Pink Floyd)

      -       Lee Harris (Saucerful of Secrets)

      -       Stephen McElroy (Aussie Pink Floyd)

      -       Jim Weider (Solo Artist, The Band, The Weight Band)

      -       Noel Gallagher (Solo Artist, Oasis, High Flying Birds)

      -        Paul Stacey (Producer, Guitarist, Black Crowes)

      -        Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys)

      -        Brian Byrne- (guitarist- Violent Joy/Envy On The Coast)