Friends of ThorpyFX

Having been involved in the guitar community for a little while now I've come to realise there are many, many great companies and website/forums out there. Here are a selection of the friends ThorpyFx has made along the way:


    Daniel Steinhardt is the brainchild and owner of The Gigrig. Aside from being an awesome fellow, he is a purveyor of the finest tone preserving tools a guitarist could want. Hit them up and watch your guitar tone become as pure as it can be.

    Dan Coggins (of ex Lovetone pedals fame) is a top guitar pedal designer, and general guitar gear guru. His compressor the OTC-201 is a work of genius and perfect for adding sustain to your board without squishing your tone.

    Jonathan Law is a brilliant British Guitar Builder/luthier extraordinaire and owner of Feline Guitars. If you fancy a premium, handmade top quality instrument, finished to perfection then please contact Feline guitars. The Fretboard is a UK based (but worldwide available) Guitar forum. It is a place to hang out, chat about guitars, amps etc and generally geek out over the guitar. Thoroughly recommended.