A Busy summer has yielded an Awesome collaboration November 06, 2016 19:27

So we’ve seemingly been a bit quiet over the summer, however perception is often different to reality….. So here’s the good news:
Over the summer ThorpyFx teamed up with a bonafide legend of the Guitar Effects industry, the effects genius that is Dan Coggins. Dan has had an illustrious career as the original designer behind Lovetone Pedals and Dinosaural effects. All of his creations have been found on the boards of professional musicians the world over. As these effects have long since become collector’s items, we decided to team up and start afresh.
The effects that we have collaborated on are supremely powerful versions of modulation, wacky octave based fuzz, ring modulation and much more besides…. The aim of these designs is to provide the ultimate analog experience that will allow musicians to tune the effect to their varied tastes. This will slowly be released over the coming years as we seek to stamp our collective sonic footprint on the guitar market...
And more good news:

The Chain Home is available for Preorder!!!
And one more thing…….
So is the Veteran!!!!

Head to the products page to find out about these effects.