Morningstar ML5 MIDI controlled loop switcher


The ML5 enables you to use your midi controller to control even your non MIDI-capable pedals, giving you total control of both your digital and analog effects.

Quickly and easily set which pedals are included or excluded from each of your presets and recall them with one touch of a switch.

The ML5 is packed full with features in a small and compact enclosure, ready to be fitted on top of or mounted below any pedalboard

- 5 True Bypass Audio Loops

- High quality Amphenol Audio Jacks

- Quick and Easy to Program (Decide which loops are ON/OFF in each preset)

- Minimized Switching Noise

- MIDI In/Thru

- PC messages call up pre-programmed loops

- CC messages toggle individual loops

Current draw: 160mA @ 9VDC

Dimensions: 160mm x 50mm x 60mm



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