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      Having been involved in the guitar community for a little while now I've come to rely upon certain brands and products to compliment and augment what we do. the following companies are truly great, offer exemplary products and enhance your music making experience. Feel free to click the pictures to find out more about them, you won't regret it.


       Patrick James Eggle guitars got me hooked from the moment I saw their newest models. since then I've enjoyed owning their MACON and 96 carve top models. the combination of ludicrous woods, a vintage look and pristine finish means that they knock you for six as soon as you ring the first chord out.  


      Crimson Guitars are just the best team around. I was lucky to partake in a guitar building course where I learnt loads of new luthiers skills, such a great experience and highly recommended. They also sell custom guitars, luthiers tools and guitar courses.


       Nik Huber Guitars are astonishing to play, to listen to and to behold. Made in Germany, these works of art are made to the most exacting of standards and couple the vintage vibe with a modern twist. Top guys and girls to deal with too!!


       Brook make the finest handmade acoustics around. Seriously high quality, addictive to play and such incredible sweetness from the sound. Ive been a big fan of their work for years and I currently own a Brook Taw model.


      Schmidt Array Pedalboards are world renowned and used by such incredible players as Josh Smith. These pedalboards are the best you can buy, versatile, customisable and engineered to the nth degree. I use them at home and at guitar shows so if you see me at a show check them out.

       Tate FX. Stuart at TateFX is a top guy, customer and friend. He makes his own pedals under the brand TateFX and they are great sounding and well built packages of guitar fun!!


      We are huge fans of Orange amplification here at ThorpyFX. I've been a loyal customer of their wares for years and feel honoured to now call the company a friend of ours. Orange probably make the most rocking, true to their roots amplifiers this side of anywhere. Treat yourself to some english dirt!!


          Daniel Steinhardt is the brainchild and owner of The Gigrig. Aside from being an awesome fellow, he is a purveyor of the finest tone preserving tools a guitarist could want. Hit them up and watch your guitar tone become as pure as it can be.


          Dan Coggins (of ex Lovetone pedals fame) is a top guitar pedal designer, and general guitar gear guru. His compressor the OTC-201 is a work of genius and perfect for adding sustain to your board without squishing your tone.


       Bareknuckle Pickups. I've been a customer of Tim and the team since they first started offering their pickups. they cater for all guitar tastes from vintage through to contemporary music and every one of their pickups lifts your sound into the stratosphere.


      When I need a custom cab, I always choose Zilla Cabs. Made in Bristol, these super well built cabs offer massive toneful sound to your specification and they are great value to boot. 


       I use Montys Pickups paps in my Gibson guitars, the combination of crisp and clear high end with punchy mids makes these the perfect pickups for those guitars. Vintage PAF tone that sounds so very good! And Matt is a top bloke too!


       Evidence Audio is my go to brand for cables. For such a benign bit of equipment, they deliver so much, crisp clear and uncoloured signal coupled with simplicity. The SIS plugs are the BEST solderless cables you can buy-bar none.  

      Heistercamp are the epitome of handcrafted excellence. These guitar straps are such a wonderful product that we cannot help but smile every time we use one. 

          Jonathan Law is a brilliant British Guitar Builder/luthier extraordinaire and owner of Feline Guitars. If you fancy a premium, handmade top quality instrument, finished to perfection then please contact Feline guitars.

      www.thefretboard.co.uk The Fretboard is a UK based (but worldwide available) Guitar forum. It is a place to hang out, chat about guitars, amps etc and generally geek out over the guitar. Thoroughly recommended.


      In April 2024 we were very lucky to have been awarded a grant from the Rural England Prosperity Fund to enable us to buy some much needed equipment for a big project we have going forward.