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      Andy of Proguitarshop has reviewed the GUNSHOT....

      Andy of Proguitarshop fame and Tone Report has done a CRACKING video of the GUNSHOT overdrive.... if you are half as pleased with this as we are....you'll be extremely pleased.

      head to the videos section or here: https://youtu.be/tGeDiNbRHtw


      The MUFFROOM CLOUD FUZZ (now renamed FALLOUT CLOUD) is finalised and sounds incredible, head to head with the best of the MUFF world it has beaten them hands down. Several prototypes are out in the world already. The limited production run are available to pre-order in the Products page...... The Best Fuzz you will ever hear!

      The GUNSHOT Reviewed!!

      Just a quick message to send you to our videos tab as the GUNSHOT has received some great praise from Dan and Mick from That Pedal Show!! it sounds INCREDIBLE!!


      Demonstration Video

      Hi, just added a GUNSHOT demo video in the videos tab. Please let me know what you think!! Enjoy.