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      What power requirements do ThorpyFX pedals have?

      ThorpyFX pedals use the industry standard centre negative 2.1mm DC jack that can be found on most Guitar effects pedals. The pedals can be powdered by connecting them to a quality 9v power supply such as the Gigrig Generator or Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Plus. Using the incorrect DC voltage or using AC power will likely damage the pedal (as per all other pedals). The pedal does have inbuilt polarity protection circuitry, however care should still be taken to ensure you plug the correct adaptor into it. 

      What electric guitars and amplifiers are ThorpyFX pedals suitable for?

      ThorpyFX pedals are designed and tested to work with a variety of guitars from single coil style guitars through to heavy humbucker equipped guitars. The tonal response of the pedal will change depending on what guitar is used. Likewise, ThorpyFX pedals have been optimised to work best with Tube amplifiers, however they can also provide great tonal options running into a good solid state amplifier too. Many of our pedals are great for Bass guitar too!

      What pedals are ThorpyFX pedals compatible with?

      ThorpyFX pedals are designed to be compatible with the vast majority of effects pedals on the market, however some vintage effects prefer to be first in the effects chain. Therefore the ThorpyFX pedal you have purchased would be placed after the vintage effect (Fuzz, Wah etc) to enable the vintage effect to "see" the guitars output impedance.

      What is the warranty on the pedals?

      ThorpyFX provides a 2 year warranty on all of its pedals. This includes parts and labour and return shipping back to you. You are responsible to ship it to us. If we open it up and find repairs are needed because of misuse, abuse (accidental or not) or neglect than we will not cover the repairs for free. This warranty is not transferable to a new owner should you sell the pedal.

      What is the return policy?

      If the pedal was purchased direct from us:-
      You have 14 days from the day you receive your pedal to decide if you like it or not. If you return it, it must contain all shipping and packing material and be in an "As new" and re-sellable condition. If the condition is less than new (i.e. shows obvious signs of use) any refund will be subject to a re-stocking fee and does not include postage costs.       Any purchases/shipments/deliveries refused by the customer will have the return postage costs deducted from their refund total.  
      B-Stock pedals are non-refundable unless they’re faulty. 

      My pedal started having a hiss/noise/problem...

      Has anything else changed to cause the noise/hiss/problem? Are you using a quality power supply or a 9v battery? Has the battery died?  Most noise problems are due to using a cheap and inferior power supply. When troubleshooting it is best to isolate the assumed problem in the first instance by trying it on its own (guitar>cable>pedal>cable>amp).  Have you tried it with different cables? Are you using the clean channel of your amp or the gain/overdrive channel? Most higher gain pedals sound best into the clean channel of an amp. By going through this troubleshooting procedure you will inevitably find out what the culprit of the noise is.

      I think there is a problem with my pedal, what do I do?

      In the first instance, please send us a message through the "Contact Us" page, or using the live chat on "Chat with us" (please bare in mind we are on UK time so may not always be able to answer immediately). This is the quickest way to get a message to us. Once we have troubleshooted the problem (the vast majority of problems are solved this way) and the solution cannot be found then the decision will be made to ship the pedal back to us. Details of where to send it to will be provided in this eventuality.

      I can't decide which ThorpyFX pedal to choose, help!

      We have a huge number of demos on YouTube, by some amazing artists so please head over there to help you decide. But if you have any specific queries that the internet hasn't helped you get to the bottom of, please don't hesitate to contact us.